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Peaceful Strategies for Finding More Time, Keeping Your Sanity, and Finding Joy in the Everyday!

Welcome Moms!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Have any thoughts of guilt or doubt about being a mom?

Ever wonder how you can possibly get everything done you feel you should? Let alone get any time for yourself?!

Do you long for some peace in your busy life and wish there were more times you able to enjoy the present moment?

Well, you are not alone and there is hope!

mom oasisLets be real here, being a mother is hard work. Hopefully you were lucky enough to have a friend who let you know that before you brought your precious bundle home, but nothing quite prepares us for both the joys and the challenges of being someone’s mommy.

From the early days of infancy to guiding our kids through adolescence and beyond, each stage brings its new sets of hurdles and we are constantly pushed to adapt and manage the stress in our lives. Dealing with all of this unknown territory can leave us doubting our abilities, pushing our irritability and insecurity buttons, and leaving us little time for the coping strategies and supports we used to use!

I want to encourage you that you are not alone. I have heard so many moms share their struggles: wondering if they are the only moms who feel inadequate, guilty, overwhelmed, lonely, discouraged, etc. There may be days you don’t particularly like your children, days you wished you hadn’t yelled out of impatience, or days you just want to run away! Most moms experience those feelings at least some of the time, even if they don’t admit it.

Just knowing you are not alone can lift a huge burden…no one does this mothering thing perfectly.  However, you are probably the best mom for your children- even if you don’t always feel it.  You are learning important life lessons from your children just as they learn from you. Have faith that you will figure things out one day at a time and most things get easier!

mindfulness based stress reductionWhat Is The Best Gift We Can Give Our Children, Ourselves And The World?

The gift is to learn to have compassion for ourselves and to take care of ourselves as well as we care for others. When we are healthy emotionally, we are able to love more freely. When we can manage our stress and take the time to care for ourselves in mind, body and spirit, we have more to give, not less. We then have more energy and clarity about how we want to help others, instead of feeling burned out and overwhelmed. We can be more present with our children and husbands, and be discerning about how to share our gifts and resources with others in a way that is more genuine and generous.

There are simple ways to manage the stress in our lives and you can create more calm in the chaos and joy in this parenting journey!  It won’t always be easy and we’re not looking for perfection here, but I guarantee that you can learn new perspectives that have the potential to change your life and those of your family.

I want this site to be a place of encouragement for you: a place where you can relax and come away refreshed and more kind to yourself. The audio relaxation can be truly life changing…especially the more often you use it!  Feel free to bookmark it and share it with friends!  I hope to add more resources on a regular basis. 

woman supportThis is not about pampering or doing more! In fact it is often about doing less. I put all the ideas that have helped me crawl out from under the overwhelm and chaos (most of the time!) in an eight step plan called THE MOM OASIS PROGRAM. It outlines principles that are supported by research and success with many women and they all start with a simple shift in your thinking.

Please listen to the audios and sign up for the freebies to find out more! I am a mom too, so I try to give you things in bite-size pieces…nothing will take too long! This time you invest in yourself will be invaluable to those you love.  Start with the “Gift of Relaxation” and you will experience more calm and joy today!


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