Success Stories

Success Stories

“I started working with Michelle to keep myself focused on the steps I needed to take to grow my mortgage lending business. However much to my surprise, while we worked on my mindset and personal beliefs, it evolved into an experience that took me on a personal journey I never expected. I have grown tremendously both personally and professionally from my work with Michelle. My business is at a different level than it was when we started. Thank you Michelle for your warm and calming approach during this guided journey!”

– Chris Morency, Mortgage Officer

I definitely benefited from my work with Michelle!… By adjusting some habits I have seen dramatic results. When I went through the program, I lost 5 pounds, and learned how to be more mindful and shift my mindset and since then my business has been growing! Despite being disabled for more than 4 months after major spinal reconstruction and lower back surgery, I kept in touch with my clients with calls and notes and kept them updated with how my team and I could help them purchase or sell their home. Despite being out for 4+ months, I increased my closings by 33%! Thank you Michelle. You have and will continue to be a great inspiration to me.”

– Lisa Anne Landry, Realtor, Coco Early, & Associates

After one session:
“I felt comfortable with Michelle right away. I knew she was the right person to take me to the next step of my journey. Michelle utilized many of her skills to piece together the root of my concerns. Using her spirituality, therapy background and her knowledge of the accelerated change process all contributed to the success of determining what was holding me back from my goals and my beliefs.

Michelle’s calmness, persistence, and perseverance enabled me to achieve a goal I have been struggling with my whole life.

After 2 sessions:
I have to say I was astounded after our first session and the positive ripple effects it has had in my life. The past 2 weeks have been great, I feel awesome, so much more in tuned with myself, I actually am feeling more. I really feel like I love myself and that I am worthy, I can say it to myself and I believe it. Overall I feel so much better, confident, stronger, more alive.

- Barbara Allen, Allen Remodeling

“Individual belief systems may be psychologically rooted, but Michelle actually employs a step-by-step process to get to the heart of the issues. It’s a unique combination of scientifically based techniques that work on the emotional, cognitive and physical levels that you just have to experience! I don’t know how she does it exactly, but her approach and methodology sure did change the way I think about myself.”

– Kelly Murphy, Décor&You

Before working with Michelle I found that my attitude toward change had been positive with the one big exception surrounding weight loss. My belief system was that I was a complete failure if I didn’t follow through for any length of time that would result in significant weight loss, a battle of 35 years….. I found working with Michelle was an interesting, enjoyable and fascinating experience in self discovery. You can teach an old dog new tricks! After 6 months I continue to use the experiences and the coping skills learned in my sessions with Michelle. I keep all of my notes, handouts and recordings from Michelle and will often pull them out for the proverbial booster shots! Michelle has always made me feel like she is available to me at any time as well.”

The 6 Minute Oasis is a valuable tool I use both professionally and personally to keep my day in balance. I use it to prep for my day….This process has helped me not feel like I’m shooting from the hip..I have a plan!”

- Kathy Stickney, Advertising Sales Executive, Hippo Press

Before working with Michelle I was a successful professional; however, I had some habits that kept me from reaching my full potential (time management, work/personal life balance and so forth). Working with Michelle has been an absolute pleasure. She is very supportive and helpful. I particularly like that she stays up to date with current research in her field and offers cutting edge ideas from scientific research in the areas of psychology, motivation and behavior change. Since my collaborative work with Michelle, I have made a number of changes that have significantly improved my stress level; I am more productive; I have more time and energy to be creative in my life and to enjoy my life in the areas that are most important to me. These changes are priceless.

dr heidi
– Dr. Heidi, Psychologist

“Michelle is a powerful coach with a paradoxically gentle touch. You won’t find anyone more supportive and sympathetic, but she’s also direct, incisive, and quick. She’ll identify what’s blocking your best life, teach you how to transform stress, and get your energy flowing freely in the right direction. You’ll benefit from her guidance, her kindness, and her ability to get quick results. Enjoy!”

stacey cumow
– Stacey Curnow, RN and Coach, Midwife for Your Life

After one session:
“Michelle guided me today in identifying and removing blocks (negative beliefs) that stood in the way of my progress. Her method was remarkably accurate and the results were empowering. I look forward to our next sessions and to jumping back into my life with great enthusiasm.”

- Glynis, writer

“Before working with Michelle I had some procrastination issues that were holding me back from being able to move forward in my business. Simple tasks became the elephant that I couldn’t get around yet were always top of mind. Michelle’s techniques, her disposition and her gift of guidance, led me to discover ways to confront the seemingly impossible in a non-threatening, even gentle way. Since working with her I’ve been able to tackle daunting projects and I’ve turned the elephant into a mouse. Michelle has a true gift and I’m deeply grateful for her ability to lead me in the right direction.

marcia griffith
– Marcia Griffith, Founder, NetLunch!, LLC

“By the time I realized the problem it had already taken a deep root into my life and I knew that overcoming it was not going to be easy or something I could do alone. What a blessing working with Michelle was for me! She was able to help me get to the root of the problem, break through it and I was able to find myself again on the other side. There are not enough of words to explain the talent and gift that Michelle has. Her warmth, caring, kind-ness and patience as she sincerely encourages you to break down the barriers and defenses you have set up, I could actually feel it all that start to crumble and I was able to emerge on the other side with a new sense of self. In one day of working with Michelle I had amazing shifts that have lasted!

melissa dery
– Melissa Dery, Owner, The Golden Rule VA

“Michelle’s powerful Belief Change work created changes I’ve been trying to make for decades! That was one of the best investments I have ever made in my life!

- Lisa Peterson, math teacher

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